Samfunnsviternes studentlag på UiS ønsker velkommen til spennende foredrag med NATO 14. oktober.

Tid og sted: 14. oktober fra k. 18, Universitetet i Stavanger, Arne Rettedals Hus, rom AR-V101.

Om foredraget og foredragsholder:
Adam Lackey, Program Director, NATO Joint Warfare Centre,  Stavanger

Adam Lackey is a program director at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger.  He has 22 years of experience working in the international security arena.  As a US Army officer, he has served in conflict areas performing tasks from counterterrorism to nation building.  He has extensive experience studying and delivering deterrence.  Adam holds several MS degrees, including an MS of Defense Studies from King's College, London and a MBA.

Adam will be speaking in an unofficial capacity on his experiences from applying undergraduate studies of Political Science to an international career and how his world-view has evolved with further education and global experience.  He will also talk about the role of the NATO team in Stavanger and how it fits into the broader security of Alliance members. He asks that Chatham House Rules apply, in order to encourage discussion.