The Association of Social Scientists

The Association of Social Scientists – Samfunnsviterne - is a professional association organising people with a higher degree in social sciences and the humanities.

The minimum level of higher education needed to qualify for membership is a Master’s degree. Students studying for a Bachelor's or Master’s degree also qualify for membership.

The association of Social Scientists was founded in 1994 as an association for academics with a higher degree in social sciences. Academics with a higher degree in the humanities were welcomed into the associationin November 2007, when the general assembly decided to invite this group of academics into the association. This was a future-oriented decision that will contribute to forming the association and its goals and activities in the years to come. Not only because it will contribute to the continuous growth of the association, but also because it will provide a more varied composition of members, make recruitment of union officials easier, accommodate a varied and engaging political debate within the association and generally strengthen the association.

Today, the Association of Social Scientists has about 11 000 members.

The secretariat in Oslo has 24 employees. The secretariat's office is situated in the city centre of Oslo.

Where are our members employed?

The majority of our members are employed in the public sector, such as governmental services, local and county municipalities etc. Other members are employed in different companies and organizations within the private sector and in hospital administration. The association also includes 700 student members.


The association puts great focus on strengthening our members’ salary progression and improving their working conditions. The association works systematically towards strengthening the union officials’ competence and activity. Our union officials constitute the core of the association. The success of the association depends strongly upon their knowledge and ability to work locally towards the association’s goals. Their involvement, hard work and achievement are decisive elements for the development and professionalism of the association.

Advocating measures

Our key objectives are to secure our members’ interests in four areas:

  • Salary progression 
  • Working conditions
  • Enforcing our members’ professional identity 
  • Improvement of knowledge and expertise.

The Association of Social Scientists has signed a Nordic agreement of cooperation. Members of similar associations for social scientists in the Nordic countries may receive help from The Association of Social Scientists when employed in Norway.

Salary survey

The association conducts an annual salary survey among all members. In the 2014 survey, the response rate was 53 per cent. This survey gives us a good picture of the level of salaries for our members.

The average annual salary for all members of the Association was NOK 556 764 in 2014. The average annual salary for all male members in 2014 was NOK 585 054, whereas the average salary for all female members was NOK 542 928.

The difference between salaries in the private sector as opposed to the public sector is still considerable.

The results of our annual salary surveys are available to our members our members’ web (login required). These annual surveys stand out as one of our most popular membership benefits.


The association offers courses for union officials of all tariff sectors. The programmes include courses about the role of union officials as well as courses on reorganisation processes, pensions, conflict management, labour legislation and management training.

Information and communication

The association works continuously with developing the internal and external information routines. Members are informed of important measures through e-mail and through information published on our web site as well as on our members’ web and through social media.

Future challenges and areas of commitment

One of our most important areas of commitment in the future is recruiting more members among students in Norwegian universities and regional colleges. The Association has a strategic plan for recruiting and keeping student members. It is an ambition that the increase of new members which we have experienced over the last years will continue, giving the association great possibilities in the future as the number one choice for academics with a degree in social sciences and the humanities.

The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations - Akademikerne

The Association of Social Scientists is a member of The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne), an umbrella organization with 13 affiliated professional associations and a total of 163.000 members.